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For us young founders, a real dream came true with the beginning of the PAMO world’s constructions. After a long and intensive time of planning, we finally have been given the green light we‘ve longed for so long in May.

With the beginning of the construction, our visions became reality: in the immediate vicinity of Lake Constance our new home, the PAMO world is growing. A meeting place for like-minded people who love supercars as much as we do.

For this reason we would like to provide you some insights into the genesis of PAMO World, to keep you updated on the progress of our construction site and to raise your anticipation.

The transformation – from car trading to an experience centre:

To admit: the term „car trading“ is adhered to negative stereotypes. On that basis, we have never been a 100% happy to be pegged as car dealers. The relationship with our customers has always been more than just a business relation.

On this account the desire of venturing a revolutionary, yet extraordinary step sprouted over the years.

Building the PAMO world is to offer a plattform to car lovers and to create a real favourite place for breathtaking experiences around performance cars.

A place which is not only convincing through horse power performance, but also through space for personal interactions and great events for the people of the Lake Constance region.

The PAMO experience world is going to be a place, unifying the beautiful things in life: breathtaking cars, full-bodied wine, delicious food and passionated conversations amongst like-minded people.


Retrospection to the planning phase

We all quickly agreed on which values should count in the new PAMO world. But what would this mean and look like in detail?

Thus we asked ourselves: what are the needs to offer people a high familiar cosy atmosphere? What does it take to create a sensible supercar-experience for our customers which they can literally feel, smell and taste?

Or, to be more precise: how can we surmount the challenge between being a conventional car dealer and offering a performance car experience-world?

We elaborate answers to these questions in numerous brainstorming meetings. Various ideas met with positive response, some have emerged several times, but just to be rejected shortly.

In the end, we compiled a plan including a design concept which has closely been worked out with an agency.

PAMO world – the facts:

  • PAMO world is built on a surface of about 1.000 m².
  • The hall features space for up to 20 unique performance cars.
  • Car purchase in a cosy atmosphere: a considerable lounge area including soft carpets, comfortable sofas and high-tech LED large screens will offer a cosy and convivial mood.
  • Supercars within ones grasp: the cars will be placed on the carpet, right in front of the sofas and will be an inherent part of the interior and design concept.
  • An innovative bar- and kitchen concept, periodic events, high-tech equipment for spectacular vehicle presentations, non-standard design elements and excellent coffee will frame some more highlights.
  • More exciting details about PAMO world to discover here.


Status report on the construction site:

With the ground-breaking ceremony on 31st May, a longsome planning and a short delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the crucial phase had finally begun.

First, the turf needed to be removed. Then, the building zone has been smoothed out in order to lay the ground.  Following that, the excavation work have been accomplished.

The pouring of the hall‘s supports and load lines have been concreted. As soon as the pillars have been delivered, the actual concrete construction of the building has begun.

Meanwhile, the foundation holes were excavated and filled, the steel for the concrete construction inserted and the pillars fort he hall assembled.


With large steps to the grand opening.

Since the fixation of the fundament and the pillars, the walls will be placed along the pillars.
Afterwards, the concrete construction will be erected and the roof installed.

During the final construction phase the focus will be set on sanitary and lighting facilities as well as on the integration of the high-class interior.

If everything goes as planned, the PAMO experience-world will open the doors to public in April 2021. We are looking with eager anticipation to this day and hope to welcome sports cars & racing fans as well as like-minded people into our new home soon.


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