Pamo GmbH


All-round service for your vehicle


Professional handling during the purchasing phase
When you wish to sell your vehicle with PAMO is the right address, as we will provide honest consultation and assistance. You will have access to our exclusive international network, making it convenient to find a suitable buyer at the desired price.


Innovative marketing and sale of your cars
We will be pleased to take care for the marketing and sale of your vehicles, using our creative marketing approach and advanced tools. To further present your car to potential customers you have the opportunity to display it in the PAMO Performance World. You are more than welcome to come by at any time and enjoy a quick petrol-coffee break with us.


Specialized international logistics and transaction services
With logistic partners all over the world we will provide a fast and reliable shipment of your car. Due to our central location in Europe we have continuous exposure to import and export matters.
Additionally, we also take care of all transaction services.


We will take care of the whole vehicle procurement process.
During the procurement process any activities or risks will be handled responsible and confidential. We also offer professional marketing and zero-risk payment handling.


Professional service by experts
As we have multiple reliable service partners, we can offer you an all-round carefree package. We take care of the complete after-sales service, including technical checks, protective wrapping and anyting more, that your heart desires.

Investment consulting

Due to our experience, we have a deep insight into the market, distinguishing us from other dealers.
High-quality vehicles are of course an investment opportunity and this is also what makes our Job so interesting. We have extensive and special experience in this field and understand how the market works. This is why we also offer comprehensive investment consulting, while not forgetting about the thrilling driving experience a supercar offers.

Financing & Leasing

Don’t want to buy a car? Why not finance or lease it!
If you have found your dream car, we will be happy to offer appropriate financing options, regardless of whether it is about private or business leasing/financing.
Mercedes Benz
Rolls Royce
Aston Martin
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