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PAMO x SAY Carbon Yachts: WHY WE MOVE

Why do we move?
What pushes us forward?
Where do we get the drive to innovate?

These questions define PAMO and help us continuously push for the next level.
The next level of service, innovation, and supercars. We work with special cars every day, and to after years in the
industry, it really takes something extraordinary to set us in awe. Of course, we absolutely love all the 991 GT3 RS and
Ferrari Pistas we work with. However, sometimes it is all about the extra mile, the little details, and the uniqueness
of a car that push it to the next level.
For us, the Agera R Zijin perfectly reflects a car that pushes all boundaries.
A perfect representation of pure power, technology, and thinking out of the box.


The uniqueness and boldness of the Zijin are hard to beat. Its bold purple perfectly matches the bright yellow accents,
and the overall color depth of the Zijin’s is stunning. And, oh boy, we haven’t even talked about all the (purple)
carbon parts yet!
Wherever you look, you will be greeted by loads of carbon and stunning looks.
The true joy comes in when firing up the Zijin and taking it out for a spin like we did earlier this year. But, the
Zijin was not alone; along with the brutal sound of its V8, we could also hear deeper and more subtle engine noises. Not
only just a sound but the sound of the 7.4l V8 of the SAY 42 yacht. On that day, two radically different concepts of
their own species met. Both beauties feature a stunning combination of artistic design cutting-edge technology.

With Say Carbon Yachts, we have found boats that match our vision, identity, and passion for performance and speed. The
SAY 42 in Dragon Orange is powered by 2x 7.4l V8 engines producing 966hp. These numbers not only look mesmerizing for a
boat, but they also make sure that your next boat ride will be the most thrilling one ever.
Taking out the Zijin always brings joy, not only for us but especially for all car enthusiasts!
Its 5.0-liter V8 produces 1140hp and over 1000nm, accelerating the car from 0-200kph in just 7.8 seconds, a true rocket!
Interesting fact: The Agera R features a rare engine management system that allows the Swedish beast to run on 95 Octane
and E100 biofuel. Its system automatically analyzes the fuel and adjusts certain engine parameters accordingly.


We could go on about all the unique aspects of the Zijin for hours, and the same holds true for the SAY 42. The carbon
yacht manufactured in Germany is basically a supercar on the water with a captivating design and relentless power. It is
not every day that you get to see such a combination of yacht and drive for performance!


SAY 42’s vision is to bring racing to the boating world. By focusing on sophisticated lightweight design, every
horsepower generated by its 2x V8 engines propels only minimum weight. The result, unmatched acceleration, safety, and
efficiency coming together in one beautiful design. At 42 feet, the yacht can welcome up to 12 guests, who will
experience the boat ride of their lives.

We look forward to more collaborations with SAY in the future, and we can not wait to welcome you to the PAMO World!