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Extraordinary cars do not come around often. But if they do, many of them shape a decade of automotive technology and design.
Let’s take a look at the 1950s. This period was heavily influenced by the VW Type 1 and, back then, supercars like the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL or the Porsche 550 Spyder. During the 1980s, the sportscar industry was heavily influenced by the likes of the Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Countach, and Porsche 959.
Every decade is defined by unique models with groundbreaking technology, timeless designs, and of course, fantastic drivability.


If we look back a couple of years, we find three special supercars from three different manufacturers. They all serve a similar purpose by showcasing the progress in technology in combination with unique designs and strict unit limitations.
You might now already have an idea about which cars we are talking.
It is, of course, the holy trinity of hypercars, featuring the Ferrari La Ferrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, and McLaren P1.
We are fortunate enough to have worked with all three cars and even have the La Ferrari and the P1 currently in stock in our PAMO World.

The last of the two takes us to the topic of this blog, the McLaren P1.

It was built from late 2013 until late 2015, with 375 cars built in total.
Additionally, McLaren also produced a handful of unique variations of the already stunning P1. The car was widely considered to be the successor of the infamous McLaren F1, produced in the 1990s. Today however we know, that the official successor of the F1 is the McLaren Speedtail.


In a straight line, the P1 is the fastest of the hypercar trio, and that is due to its superb engine, in combination with the various racing technologies.
Its base engine structure comes from the 650S, a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8.
In the P1, we find this engine radically changed and in combination with an electric motor. Together both engines produce 916hp, with 737hp coming from its brutal V8 and 179hp from the electric motor. In total, the P1’s system manages to generate 900nm, accelerating the car from 0-100 km/h in a rapid 2.8 seconds and from
0-200km/h in a staggering 6.8 seconds. The maximum speed tops at 350km/h, which is easily enough for a fast autobahn run.
Fun fact about its electric motor: In E-mode, the P1 has a range of around 11 kilometers. Fortunately, the P1 has a tremendous sound and fires to an extremely loud idle. However, there is no sign of its immense power or 8250rpm rev limit apart from the volume. On longer routes, the P1 is easy and steady to drive with a reassuringly solid and refined noise level. But of course, the car is made to be driven fast on race tracks and beautiful backroads.
And what it delivers is just stunning, regardless of what you do with the chassis settings. It’s a pure joy to drive the car in all modes, but switching from Normal to Sport tightens the damping, and going to Track does so again.
Change the mode once more to race, and the P1 lowers itself by 50mm, in addition to the spoiler changing to the highest-downforce setting.
To sum it up in other words: The P1 is an extreme driver’s car.

In the last couple of years, it seemed like the market neglected the P1, especially compared to the LaFerrari and the 918 Spyder.
Quite a lot of cars were for sale and prices fell. Recently, however, we noticed an increase in attention and prices of the McLaren P1, so this might very well be an interesting time to be keeping an eye on the P1.

Our P1 is painted in Togo Grey over a black alcantara interior, with various orange MSO details and various other MSO options.
The car comes with 4.100 kilometers and is in great condition.
It is crazy to think that the car dates back to 2013 and still looks modern today and can even compete with its performance.
Over the years, we are sure that the P1 will establish itself as a great classic and mark an important milestone for McLaren.
Considering the current market environment, the P1 seems thoroughly enjoyable, not only as a car but also as an investment.

If you are interested in the P1 or any other of our current cars, please get in touch with us via mail, Whatsapp, or Instagram.


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